Break Dance Crew


Dancers Anonymous was founded on a true passion for dance as an essential part of our wellbeing. Not only is Dancers Anonymous a haven for dance addicts, where we can offer a variety of services to share our passion for dance with all ages, communities and environments. Dancers Anonymous is about dancing for the way you feel rather than how you look! We strongly believe everyone has the ability to dance and that everyone has their own unique style to share. Whether you want therapeutic personalised sessions, a community class, or to throw an event you'll never forget, we've got you covered!





Founding Director

Catherine is a professional dancer and teacher based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Catherine grew up in the theatre performing with her mother (a professional singer). By the time she was sixteen, Catherine was running her own dance classes with a passion for dance teaching and choreography. Catherine studied contemporary dance at Unitec in Auckland but after serious injury she found a new approach to dance that was focussed on wellbeing and community in Dunedin. Two years later, she came back into the dance scene performing in a West African Dance show about mothers with postnatal depression with her four month old daughter. Since then, Catherine has been performing and teaching for schools, universities and music festivals in a variety of styles while working with many renowned local and international choreographers, artists, musicians and DJs to create unique performances and films. Catherine completed two years postgraduate study in Dance/Movement therapy and founded Dancers Anonymous to share her love for dance and wellbeing.